Recycling is a sham. (updated)

This post was originally written in 2014. It has been updated. Wait. Before you burn me at the stake, you must at least hear my plea. I know, it’s our weekly feelgood. We’re all doing our part to recycle. But it’s just that that is the problem: recycling is a sham. Of course, it’s better […]

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Microphones and Megaphones

We find it appalling that supermarkets stock eggs derived from cruelty. We get disgruntled about the state of modern online journalism. What’s often forgotten though is that the entities responsible are microphones to society. They listen to us and respond with rational efficiency; a mirror to our actions: Cage eggs are 70% of the egg market. […]

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It might not happen.

As David, Tod and I of Harpoon Cold Brew just launch our new Ready to Drink Cold Brew after a Winter of intense re-building there’s a pang of fear that emerges. I imagine it’s the same fear that emerges within a warrior who goes to battle. For the warrior the only way to run forth is […]

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