A collection of great podcasts

Best podcast series

Love and Radio

The episodes tend to be long interviews with very interesting people. Like the half Irish half Libyan mercenary sniper from the episode ‘Bride of the Sea’. As you can imagine someone like this┬áhas some rather interesting stories to tell. While this is a great episode I reckon the best are:

  • The Pandrogyne
  • Thank you Princess
  • Paremoremo (this is a NZ’er- a must listen!)
  • Choir Boy
  • The Living Room

Oh, and these are definitely for mature audiences. Sheesh, don’t listen to Thank you Princess unless you’re like 30.

Best individual podcast

Waking Up with Sam Harris, Drugs and the Meaning of Life (20 mins)

This is one that stopped me in my tracks and changed my worldview. Not bad for a recording of spoken audio. I didn’t particularly enjoy other episodes from this series but this one stood out.

The classics

  • Serial
  • This American Life
  • Radiolab
  • 99 percent invisible

Other greats

  • Invisibilia
  • The Memory Palace
  • Science Vs.
  • Song Exploder
  • True Story
  • You are not so smart
  • Criminal
  • The Allusionist

As an addict, I want to hear what podcasts you enjoy. Leave a comment with your faves

2 thoughts on “A collection of great podcasts

  1. Cheers! will listen! History of the world in 100 objects – my favourite series, very international. The infinite monkey cage – science mixed with comedy especially good for the physics/maths stuff. Democracy now – very good daily news, US-centric i just listen to the blurb at the beginning


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