Microphones and Megaphones

We find it appalling that supermarkets stock eggs derived from cruelty.

We get disgruntled about the state of modern online journalism.

What’s often forgotten though is that the entities responsible are microphones to society. They listen to us and respond with rational efficiency; a mirror to our actions:

  • Cage eggs are 70% of the egg market. So why should a supermarket not stock cage eggs?
  • Online media track clicks, and people are more likely to click on juicy scandals than hard hitting journalism. So why should they spend effort into their stories?

A business can choose whether it’s a microphone or a megaphone.

A microphone is responsive to the market, delivering what a customer wants. If it listens and responds, it will always have a market.

A megaphone however, believes in something greater. It says what it believes and it waits for customers to listen. It offers a customer something she never knew she wanted. Megaphones are the noise makers. The leaders that change a culture from standing on a soap box and being bold.

If I had have listened to my customers, I would have given them a faster horse.
-Henry Ford

What inevitably happens in business is it’s safer to be a microphone, that is, until a megaphone comes along and changes everything.

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