Finding a signal

I used to write in an effort to deliver valuable, interesting content to anyone who’d care to read it, but I’ve found myself shying away from this medium (this medium) for a tad over a year now.

It got to a point when I hadn’t written for so long that it felt weird to start again.

It’s hard to pin-point why I stopped, but if if I were to dissect it I’d say it was in part because my energy had been spent elsewhere and I became a little jaded over the amount of energy required to write a lengthy post, when I could have simply posted a picture of a pretty drink on Instagram instead.

I’ve recently concluded that there’s a lot of noise in that world. Everyone’s trying to shout, and the only way to be heard is to shout louder.

Amongst the ruckus I’ve made a small but important realisation: I’d rather talk to 20 people who care, than 1000 who don’t.

I’m not going to stop spending some energy on those mediums, but I am going to start back writing.

It won’t often be about coffee, but I hope it’ll be worth reading. Even amongst the noise.


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