The Coco Loco

A coconut milk smoothie with chocolate coffee ganache and toasted coconut flakes. Blend: 1x can coconut milk, 1/2 cup dessicated coconut, 1x frozen banana, a dash of vanilla essence The ganash. Separately mix 2T each: Harpoon Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, maple syrup, olive oil, cocoa powder. Toast: Coconut flakes under the grill for about 5 […]

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Making the Perfect French Press

There are many gadgets in the world of coffee. But it’s the humble French Press (also, more tragically known as ‘a coffee plunger’), that is a mainstay in homes around the world. It’s a simple device that allows you to create an excellent cup. The French press is undoubtedly an under-rated champion in the coffee kingdom. Here’s how to make the perfect French Press.

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How to make Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew is a wonderful way to drink coffee. It tends to have a delicate flavour that is sweet and toasty with only gentle acidity and bitterness – which makes it light and refreshing. “How to make your own Cold Brew” is at the end of this page if you just want the juice, I’ll […]

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